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The Blue 2 Green Global Circus is an exciting world packed full of adventure.  We offer highly customised photography expeditions, organised by photographers for photographers.  We believe that the best way to explore remote locations is to live them, gain the trust, and learn insights from the locals then invite guests to join in the adventure.  From the blue ocean waters to the green emerald mountains, the world can be an exciting visual circus.  We specialise in getting photographers safely to exactly where they want to be.

Catering to photographers of all levels and areas of interest we provide customised expeditions based on your specific photographic interests.  We provide recommended itineraries based on the best each region we travel to has to offer, but our small group size means we are flexible and on a real adventure.

We believe that small group size is quintessential to your experience, so if you are reluctant to travel with the pack you have come to the right place.  Groups range in size from 2-4 photographers so we can improve mobility, flexibility and get rid of individual compromise. We travel in private transport and have the flexibility to stop and explore many of those seldom seen places along the way.

Have a look at our current and upcoming expeditions to see where we are heading to next, and then come join the circus with us!